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Your pallet delivered

Having completed your online purchase and payment, your pallet will be despatched on the next working day, for delivery within two to three days. We will contact you with delivery updates. If you need to have an urgent next day delivery then please contact us on 0800 470 0287

Truck and Warehouse

Please remember that these are heavy products and will come from Sealed on a pallet, shrink wrapped. Please ensure you have a forklift available to allow speedy delivery - if you think you will not have a forklift available please tell us and we will endeavour to see if our courier either has one on board, or uses a tail lift vehicle.


Because we deliver  to some of our customers in bulk, the vehicles they use do not always have a tail lift facility.


For large account customers who use our products in bulk please note that we can import by the container and hold the stock for call off, in our warehouse locations - please contact us on 0800 470 0287 for more details.


These products are delivered purely for the use of our customers roofing gangs, and not for resale. These products need to be stored correctly at your premises.

Return & Exchange Policy

All Sealed products are premium Index products, and we price these products to make them affordable to all UK roofers. We only deliver by the pallet and as such we cannot accept returns, be it full or broken pallets. We charge in advance so that we can run as efficient a business as possible, and keep those prices low.


However if you feel you have placed an order in error (i.e. ordered the wrong product) and your pallet is still complete then please call us on 0800 470 0287 and we will make a decision as to whether we can accept the return.


If you feel your product has arrived damaged or the pallet load/container load is short then please contact us on 0800 470 0287.

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