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(Price shown does not include VAT)

Index Proteaduo Triarmato Mineral Cap Sheet is a premium quality trade black mineral surfaced Cap Sheet. This product is BBA Fire Rated.Each roll is eight metres long. 


The price shown is for a 25 roll pallet and INCLUDES delivery. 


Please call for pricing as material costs fluctuate.


Index Proteaduo FR Reg Mineral Cap Sheet, Fire Rated - Pallet of 25 rolls

SKU: 0003
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT. Composite, multy-layer, waterproofing membrane with a differentiated polymer-bitumen mix and composite reinforcement. The top layer is made of elastoplastomeric polymer-bitumen. Composite, stabilised, pre-coupled, three-layer prefabricated reinforcement, with glass fibre mat compressed between two layers of rot-proof "non-wowen" polyester single strand Spunbond fabric with elastoplastomeric polymer-bitumen. Bottom layer made of elastoplastomeric polymer-bitumen. The upper face is coated with the multi-functional TEXFLAMINA finish

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